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Dominic Christoph – Vocals
Nils Lesser – Guitar
Jay Marsman – Guitar
Christoph Heckel – Bass
Jackman – Drums

CYPECORE Biography

CYPECORE takes place in the year 2133. After World War III the human race got nearly exterminated by itself. Devastation. Major areas of the earth’s surface are contaminated with radiation. Synthetic bodyparts are absolutely essential for survival. High tech squads are fighting for resources. CYPECORE is the incarnation of this apocalyptic scenario. Their soundtrack is brutal, martial but still melodic. Heavy guitar riffs, mechanical double bass parts, unique sounding vocals, electronic elements and cinematic sound settings are the fuel for the CYPECORE machinery.

The bands from the area of Mannheim is one of the most innovative new metal bands in Germany. The former heavy metal band was re-established in 2015 and CYPECORE the science fiction metal band was born. They’re “living” in a post-apocalyptic scenario and therefore their fans are from various sectors such as the metal, science fiction and gaming scene. During the WITH FULL FORCE Festival 2016, CYPECORE amazed the local promoters, the media and the visitors.

In October and November of the same year they played their first three headliner shows, which were a total triumph. The local promoters from Hamburg, Berlin and Munich were surprised in two ways: For one thing the clubs were fully packed, besides the band was totally unknown in the music business at this moment and for the other thing there was an international crowd. The fans arrived from Japan, Norway, Finland and Romania. Without a record deal CYPECORE were on the stages of big festivals like WACKEN, SUMMERBREEZE, HAFEN ROCKT HAMBURG, ROCK HARZ and are playing the English HAMMEFEST FESTIVAL.

Now the science fiction metal band is preparing their next step. Over the last months they worked on their new “THE ALLIANCE”, which will be released on the 16th of February 2018 via Vaultroom Records (Cargo) and supported with German headliner tour which starts on the 01st of March in Frankfurt. On the 17th of March the will do their first UK gig at the Hammerfest.

CYPECORE Discography

  • 2018: The Alliance

CYPECORE on the web

CYPECORE Tourdates

„The Alliance Tour 2018”
01.03.2018 Frankfurt (DE), Nachtleben
02.03.2018 Cologne (DE), Jungle Club
03.03.2018 Munich (DE), Backstage Club
08.03.2018 Nuremberg (DE), Z-Bau
09.03.2018 Berlin (DE). Maze
10.03.2018 Hamburg (DE), Logo
17.03.2018 Pwllheli (UK) HAMMERFEST
07.04.2018 Heidelberg (DE), Halle02



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Fax: +49 (0)8324-933829
Addresse: Weidachstr.13, D-87541 Bad Hindelang